You want to meet great people, implement on projects together with them, feel comfortable in your workplace, have every opportunity, try something crazy, have a boss who cares about you and work in exciting place with a good work-life balance? Just come around and visit us. We have so much more to offer than you might expect!

The Münsterland and Rheine, especially Bentlage, are perfect recreation places for me and my family.

Michaela Fischer, Surgery managment of the Augentagesklinik Rheine

If your wife notices that you are always in good mood when going to work, then you know you made the right choices – as well as your boss did!

Tobias Weiermann, Gude

When moving from Cologne to the Rheine, I first was sceptical if I can connect with local people. But I made really good friends – also among my work collegues. In contrast to big cities, ways are shorter and there is not so much traffic. And also the nightlife has a lot to offer.

Amar Khalaf Al Bakry, Kettelhack

I would think that Rheine had not much to offer – but my employer and collegues proofed me wrong.

Karen Schormann, apetito AG

Rheine is not lacking in digital progress….that is proofed by many companies here and we as a online agency are jumping on that digital bandwagon. #diemitdenkuehen#cowsonline

Anneke Drees, Cows Online GmbH

Rheine and Dickmänken GmbH – this is the great combination of a city worth living in with many beautiful facets and a company with family atmosphere and team spirit. Here everyone can rely on everyone!

Barbara Wewel, customer support, Dickmänken GmbH

Looking for best conditions and new perspectives for modern work? That‘s a good fit! Come to Rheine. You are welcome to join us in the DWL team.

Tobias Wigger, DWL Döcker und Partner mbB

Rheine has developed strongly in recent years – especially for young adults. It has a friendly, family-orientated atmosphere and offers everything you need. Rheine is especially characterised by its nature: going for a walk along the Ems is lovely! Locals are open-minded, cordial and everybody knows everybody. I really like working in my home town!

Serife Yildiz, Import & Sales l Management Assistance bei NGR

… includes more than 45 partners that are all committed to ensuring that Rheine and its employers are perceived as exciting and captivating as it is actually through great projects and joint marketing.