In Rheine, now family and work go hand in hand.

When it takes longer on the job or plans change at short notice, parents quickly face a problem: Who will look after the kids? As a good employer, we keep your back free. Because you can rely on our flexible childcare service for children between 0 and 3 years even in hectic times.

Our partners

Our concept of large day care is a family-oriented mobile care unit for small children aged 0 – 3 years. The children should be at least 4 months old. The maximum group size is 9 children.

Our large day care is located in Rheine in the district Dorenkamp, in the main building of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Modernised, lovingly designed and above all child-friendly rooms are available here, to which a 300 m² outdoor area is directly connected.

The spatial structure of the “” is generous and specially designed to meet the special needs of children under 3 years of age, as this age group is just beginning to develop their motor skills. The interior area of the building extends over approx. 100 m². The group room offers a lot of freedom of movement and play opportunities, but also opportunities for retreat. The entrance and cloakroom area offers sufficient space for arriving and picking up. In addition, there is a tea kitchen, a baby changing area and child-friendly WC facilities, as well as a resting and sleeping area with small children’s beds. Our rooms are clearly structured so that the little ones can get a good overview and thus get a feeling of security.

Our outdoor play area of approx. 300 m², suitable for small children, is located in our protected inner courtyard. Here the little ones can give free rein to their urge to move and go on a “voyage of discovery” with age-appropriate play equipment, such as a generous sandpit, a nest swing and a play pavilion.

In order to be able to guarantee reliable care and sufficient substitution opportunities, we employ two pedagogically trained full-time specialists and one part-time specialist. All specialists have intensive knowledge in the under-3 field and the legally prescribed training courses for obtaining personal care permits to care for children under 3 years of age. The cleaning of the premises is carried out by the district craftsmen. The caretaker of the district craftsmen takes care of the maintenance of the equipment and repair work in the house and garden.

The large day care center is open from Monday to Thursday from 7am to 5pm, on friday from 7am to 2pm. If requested, we will check whether we can offer additional care times. The center is open the whole year except for Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The “” is financed by contributions from companies, municipal funds and parents. If the costs are not borne by cooperating companies, the parental contribution table of the city of Rheine is used as the basis for child day care.

The expert advisory office of the city of Rheine regularly ensures the entire educational standard of the large day care centre.

The professional exchange with the youth welfare office and certain cooperation partners, such as Caritas, supplement the permanent quality check.

After the project period (2019 at the latest), the “” large day care centre is included in the quality management system of the district craftsmen’s association and certified according to DIN ISO 9001-2015.

General conditions

The “” large day care service was primarily created to meet the needs of various entrepreneurs at the location of Rheine. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Steinfurt-Warendorf, the development and business development agency of Rheine with its business initiative “Rheine – Location of good employers” and other partners such as the Caritas association of Rheine have taken the initiative together with the city of Rheine to improve the compatibility of family and career and thus to retain skilled workers.

Theoretical principles of our work

In our daily interactions with children we are guided by Christian values and norms, which we reconcile with contemporary educational approaches. From the very beginning, a relationship at eye level is important to us. We give space, create trust, show readiness, observe and lead. In doing so, we give top priority to a secure, relationship-oriented relationship management. From day one, each child is assigned a permanent caregiver. The respective pedagogical specialist is responsible for the daily accompaniment and observation of the child and for the documentation of its developmental steps, which are regularly discussed with the associated parents. Only in exceptional cases, such as illness or holidays, our representative, who is also regularly present and familiar to all children, take on the tasks of the caregiver.

The familiarisation in the is individually adapted to the child and is based on the Berlin model. As a rule, the phase lasts two to four weeks and ends when the child can be comforted by us or the respective caregiver. In the acclimatisation phase, things brought back from home and things the child has grown fond of, such as a cuddly toy, have a supportive effect.

In a family atmosphere, we offer the little ones a protected space to discover, experience and understand. A fixed daily routine provides the necessary structure to ensure the children’s safety and orientation. Daily recurring rituals such as the morning circle, in which all children come together for singing and circle games, offer further points of orientation.

The common meals breakfast and lunch are especially important for us, because the children learn a lot here: table manners, consideration, helpfulness and independence. The fresh and varied lunch is delivered daily by a high-quality catering company. Each child brings their own healthy breakfast.

Before and after the fixed day points, the play phase takes place, during which there is a thematic change between offers and free play.

Essentially, however, the daily routine is geared to the needs of the children. This means that the different resting and active phases of the little ones are the focus and are taken into account individually for each child. The rest phases are particularly important in order to process what has been experienced and to recharge one’s batteries.

The common lunch will be provided by a local caterer who meets our high-quality standards with a focus on healthy and balanced nutrition. Food intolerances and other peculiarities are of course taken into account.


Every child has its own healthy breakfast. For the day care we recommend fresh fruit, vegetables and/or sandwiches. Of course you can also bring muesli, yoghurt or curd (milk and spoon are available in the facility).


The menu is put together weekly for children and prepared and delivered by the caterer. It is possible for parents to bring suitable food, especially for very young children.

Refrigerator, microwave and electric kettle are available for storing and preparing the food.


For the kids of the “”, there are various drinks (water, milk and juice mixed with water) available throughout the day, at meals and beyond. This eliminates the need to bring drinks. However, parents can still bring bottles for their little ones.

The pedagogical activities in our institution promote the development of different competences. Social skills include the ability to deal with conflict and consideration for others. But the ability to make friends is also a social competence. Cognitive skills such as memory, the recognition of logical sequences and differentiated perception are promoted, as are motor skills. Through the use of different materials (sand, clay, dough, wood, etc.), creative competencies are also developed. In addition, fundamental topics such as music and movement are very important to us.

Language and everyday life belong directly together. We pay particular attention to language development, from sound to syllable to word, in the everyday life of large day care. It is the decisive part of our educational mission. We support the main acquisition steps of the primary language acquisition by e.g. hearing and language plays, music and rhythm and purposeful movement offers (“flitzen wie flinke Fische“).

Regular reading and viewing of age-appropriate books is also an important part of our work.

The health of the childern is our top priority. The daily provision of fruit and vegetable portions, healthy and varied lunches as well as a variety of exercise activities that are fun and take place in the “fresh air” as far as possible are a matter of course for us.

We regularly visit the dentist for brushing exercises and getting information about the necessary dental hygiene for older children.

The parents are our most important partners when working with children. The close contact with the “” parents helps us to get to know and understand the children better. In order to make the education of the children as effective and close to the family as possible, cooperation between the educational partners is very important.

Through regular discussions and events in the “”, we want to ensure the flexibility of the facility and continuously improve the quality of education through lively dialogue with parents.

Information media to communicate the daily routine, dates, events, actions and other interesting facts are above all:

  • Notice boards/pinboard
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Information brochures, professional articles and exhibitions
  • Conversations
  • The diary

Regular discussions with parents and parents’ evenings as well as activities with and for the families ensure an intensive exchange and promote close cooperation.

Compatibility of family and career

The “” stands in particular for flexible solutions in individual professional and family situations. As representatives of the economy, we know very well how important the work force of well-trained employees is for the economy as a whole. With our “” we would like to provide you with an instrument that consistently supports the interaction of family and career. This also includes the possibility of arranging care times individually.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Steinfurt-Warendorf – a technically oriented educational institution

We, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Steinfurt-Warendorf, are the sponsors of this institution and a technically oriented educational institution. The children and above all the parents will be able to experience this in the bringing and pickup phase when they walk through our premises. From day one, children begin to discover the world with all their senses. This is exactly where we want to support and encourage. Children do not need much to experiment. When water flows from one cup to another at the sink or a tower of building blocks falls over, it is simply physics! We would like to pass these connections on to the little ones in a sensitive and playful way.


The decision for the right child care is an important process for the parents and especially for the children. That is why we take a lot of time for detailed registration discussions with the parents (guided tour through the establishment and explanation of the main focus of the concept, the booking fees, the daily routine and additional offers).

During a taster visit children and parents can get a first impression of the “”. Twice a year there is an information evening for parents of a future kid visiting the the “ Our skilled educators introduce themselves so both sides can get to know each other.

Any questions? Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.

Kathrin Dengler
05971 4003-3300